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Tips and Guidelines for Yoga Practice


  1. Arrive at least 15 minutes early. Enter the yoga room quietly and take a few moments to meditate and stretch before starting class. Never enter or leave a class during meditation or while taking rest. If you must leave during class, gently close the door behind you.


  2. Practice on an empty stomach. Waiting at least three hours after you meal is generally recommended. If eating before class is absolutely necessary, have juice or very light food. Do not drink water during class, as this interferes with the internal heat you are creating during your practice. Drink plenty of water after class.


  1. Upon entering the studio, please remove your shoes and coat. Please place them in the coat room to your right. This will keep our studio nice and clean.


  2. Always sign-in to class. Sign your name on the class sign-in sheet located at the Front Desk.


  3. Please notify your teacher of any injuries before your class begins. This will help your teacher give you adjustments appropriate to you. This is for you safety and the longevity of your practice.


  4. Purchase a yoga mat. While we have mats available for general use and that are free-of-charge, having your own mat will serve you energetically and hygienically. Evolution Movement Centre has several different styles of yoga mats available for purchase.


  5. Please leave all bags, cell phones and pagers outside the class room.


  6. Please be aware of your personal hygiene. Do not wear perfume to class, wear clean and loose clothing and wash your mat occasionally.

We thank you in advance for observing our guidelines. We hope you have a wonderful class!